AAOK A83 Lemon Lime 11000 Puffs

AAOK A83 Lemon Lime (11000 Puffs)

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AAOK A83 gives long-lasting puffs for prolonged enjoyment with hassle-free and portable design and they have diverse flavor options with no Charging or assembly required with it.

Lemon Lime: This flavor combines the sharp, citrusy notes of lemon with the sweet, tangy essence of lime, creating a harmoniously refreshing blend. Ideal for those who enjoy a crisp, vibrant vape that awakens the senses.
  • 1300mAh battery
  • 22mL Pod Capacity
  • 5% Salt nicotine e-liquid
  • Up to 11000 puffs
  • Lightweight, Portable and Leak-proof design