Nasty Splash Yakoolt Strawberry 10000 Puffs

Nasty Splash Yakoolt Strawberry (10000 Puffs)

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Nasty Splash 10K - which is a revolutionary disposable vaping device from Nasty with over 10000 puffs, this innovative device will provide a longer enjoyable and satisfying the experience of vaping. Don't bother refilling or charging, since Nasty splash is a device that prioritizes convenience to those who are always in motion.

Yakoolt Strawberry: Experience the nostalgic delight of Yakoolt Strawberry. This flavor captures the creamy sweetness of strawberry yogurt, offering a smooth and indulgent vaping experience. Each inhale is like savoring a spoonful of velvety yogurt, with its luscious flavor coating your palate and leaving you craving more. It's the perfect choice for vapers seeking a taste of childhood nostalgia with a modern twist.

Product Highlights:

  • USB Type-C Charging
  • Battery Capacity 650MAH Rechargable
  • Nic Salt Capacity 18ML
  • Puffs Count Approx 10000
  • Strenght Available in 35MG