Nasty Bar Dry Tobacco 8500 Puffs

Nasty Bar Dry Tobacco (8500 Puffs)

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Nasty Bar DX8.5i 8500 Puffs is the latest in our collection of Nicotine Salt single-use disposable ENDS devices with our most sophisticated E-liquid formulas that provide rich, smooth taste and satisfaction up to the last drop.

Dry Tobacco: Experience the bold and robust flavor of dry tobacco, offering a smooth and authentic taste reminiscent of traditional tobacco products.

The DX8.5i is a part of the Digital Disposable series within NASTY BAR. It's rechargeable devices with an LED display screen that displays the battery's capacity and liquid level of the device. The model can produce around 8500 puffs.

Product Specification:

  • 8500 puffs approx
  • 50mg salt nicotine content (5%)
  • Battery of 650mAh (micro USB rechargeable, cable not included)
  • Mesh Coil Structure
  • Liquid & Battery Indicator